Partnerships & Collaboration


The Nature of Partnerships is Evolving

There is a movement from partnerships based on ‘shared values’ which are long term to ’shared value’ which is specific and based on mutual benefit the assets of the partners. Shared value is a management principle that seeks opportunity for business in solving social problems.

Partnerships with the private sector need to recognize that business has three priorities:

  • profit – the bottom line is still important
  • people – developing human assets and capacity to response to social needs
  • planet – resource use that reflects environmental concerns.

Public Health Agency of Canada

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) has evolved its partnership approach in the area of chronic disease prevention and healthy living.

The new results-focused approach has changed the public health landscape by introducing non-traditional partners and concepts. Confirmed and proposed projects have leveraged over $11 million in private sector capital.

Three such partnerships are:

The Play Exchange: This project called for innovative ideas from Canadians for increasing activity for children and proposal needed a private sector partner to be eligible. It was based on the belief that more and more private sector organizations are taking on social and/or community activities that are of importance to Canadians. The Government of Canada felt by working across sectors, expertise and resources could be leveraged in working towards the common shared goal of producing better health outcomes for Canadians.

AirMiles and the YM/YWCA: This project had ‘AirMiles’ give rewards to ‘Y’ members in exchange for increase use of facilities and programs. The goal was to build on the ‘Brand Halo’ and collector engagement of AirMiles and the known reputation of the ‘Y’ for having positive social impact. AirMiles got more collectors and the ‘Y’ increased its utilization: 49% of the ‘Y’ members said that they increased utilization.

LiveWell: This project was a joint project of the ‘Y’ in Hamilton/Burlington./Brantford. Hamilton Health Services and McMaster University. The goal of this project was to provided a totally integrated program where the hospital referred patients (patients could also self refer) for after care for any type of cancer, stroke, arthritis, osteoporosis, children with mild to moderate cognitive and /or physical disabilities, spinal cord or mobility deficits, cardiac program, diabetes, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Supported by the university for research and training opportunities.

The Alliances’s Partnerships

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